Hebda Property & Title Solutions

Hebda Property & Title Solutions offers property research and common sense title problem solutions to attorneys, surveyors, title companies, public utility companies, land use professionals, government agencies, commercial brokers, residential realtors and others seeking solutions to complex real property issues.

Some of our services include:

  • Ownership and permit research for certificate of compliance applications.
  • Dominant tenement research regarding old recorded easements or restrictions.
  • Title insurance product and endorsement support for attorneys. 
  • Sorting through fractional interest ownerships or determining record ownership for documents requiring the signatures of multiple owners (e.g. - CC & R documents or reciprocal easement agreements).
  • Conducting research in effort to identify/inventory all real property assets of a particular individual with multiple properties (e.g. - for a person or attorney seeking to transfer real property assets into a trust or for an attorney attempting to discover the real property assets of the estate).
  • Assisting with the identification of properties described with lengthy metes and bounds legal descriptions.
  • Reviewing documents and offering input from a title insurance perspective to attorneys, who are preparing documents affecting multiple properties or requiring the participation and signatures of multiple property owners.
  • Offering solutions for title issues which might, otherwise, lead to transaction failure.

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